Game Maze yang Menakutkan


Dah boring? Ape kate korang try main game ni….. Jom tengok korang takut ke tak….hehehe

Main Game ni @ Tengok video

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7 thoughts on “Game Maze yang Menakutkan

  1. My problem is that there’s nothing special online anymore. I’m searching for something very interesting and cant find anything!

  2. I wonder why so many people like to comment stuff. Why is this kind of spending your free time so popular? Maybe people have a lack of communication in real world? Maybe that’s because they have a lot of problems in reality and want to run away from them? Maybe they need new impressions and experience? Or they just got suck here? I don’t have a clue. What do you all think?

  3. terkena sudah..aku dah terkena..tak mahu dah main game macam nie.. bila ada orang offer…huhu

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