Salam Merdeka, 1 Sept bermula


Salam merdeka semua, maaf sebab tiada post untuk beberapa hari. Busy dengan hal peribadi dan tugasan. hey, 1 September dah mula, takkan semangat merdeka dah hilang…merdeka tetap merdeka =)

KUALA LUMPUR: Tiada sebarang sambutan ambang merdeka akan diadakan di dua lokasi utama sambutan itu seperti tahun-tahun sebelum ini iaitu di Dataran Merdeka dan Menara Berkembar Petronas (KLCC) bagi menghormati bulan Ramadan selain penularan wabak Influenza A(H1N1) yang semakin meningkat- b. harian

Bagus la, sempena ramadan ni mesti la ramai yang pegi terawih kan. Er.. masa kat Melaka waktu petang jarang nampak orang melayu jalan-jalan walaupun tengah cuti… better duduk rumah je sebab penat kot.

Menangi iphone

(*post berbayar)

main safari20080609 Forum

The Forum is now open, and the posting contest to win a 3G iPhone started Sept 1st.  To recap, we are going to give away prizes to random three people who are the member of this forum during the month of sept-nov 2009.  Some contests have ridiculously impossible chances of actually winning something.  But our forum contest puts YOU in control of whether or not you win.  Just post, The three prizes are:

  1. Grand Prize: Brand New 3G Apple iPhone
  2. Second Place: Brand New Apple iPod Shuffle
  3. Third Place: $30 iTunes Gift Certificate

Contest Dates
The contest begins September 1 and ends on November 30 at midnight EST.  At that point, the random active person will win the Prize.

What Should You Post About?

Have you ever been frustrated with another person because your height?  Tell us your story!  Has your family member or friend ever had height problem?  Tell us their story.  If someone else has posted about their own experience, offer encouragement and support. Post a question.


Its easy to win. Just register and post real comments in good faith, then you’re on your way to talking and texting over a new iPhone.

or if you dont want to post at this forum but still want to join this contest, you can post about this contest at your blog.


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